Keystone Aerosol Contact Insecticide

Eliminate insects from your operation quickly and easily. Highly effective formula works on flies, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, roaches, moths, silverfish, spiders, ants, and more. Safe to use in restaurants, schools, hotels, food markets and anywhere insects have taken up unwanted residence.

  • SUPC Number: 3513381
  • Ecolab PIC: 6101051
  • GTIN Number: 10025469026313
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Safe to use in food areas

Active ingredient is the natural botanical pyrethrum

Low human toxicity

Effective for common pests






Effective Against/On:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Wasps and Flying Moths (Millers), Roaches, Waterbugs, Silverfish, Crickets, Spiders, Centipedes and Sowbugs, Ants, Indian Meal Moths and Angoumois Grain Moths, Lice, Bedbugs

How To Use

Directions for Use:

Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Wasps and Flying Moths (Millers):

    Close all doors and windows and spray room at the rate of 1 second per 1000 cubic feet. Direct spray to all parts of the room, especially windows and other light sources which attract these insects. Keep nozzle in constant motion. Keep room closed for 10 to 15 minutes after treatment.

Roaches, Waterbugs, Silverfish, Crickets, Spiders, Centipedes and Sowbugs:

    Spray into hiding places such as cracks and crevices, behind sinks, cabinets, along baseboards and floors, around drains and plumbing, hitting insects with spray whenever possible.


    Spray trails, nests and points of entry. Spray on ants where possible.

Indian Meal Moths and Angoumois Grain Moths:

    Close doors and windows. Direct spray into all parts of room especially around stored food product containers, pallets and darkened areas. Spray 7 to 10 seconds for each 1000 cubic feet of space. Keep area closed for 15 minutes following treatment.


    Spray on garments, beddings, mattresses, furniture, floors, carpeting and inanimate surfaces. First spray an inconspicuous area to test for possible staining or discoloration. Inspect after drying, then proceed to spray entire area to be treated. Hold can upright with nozzle away from you. Press button and spray surface to be treated from a distance of 10 inches. Spray each square foot for 3 seconds, directing spray into all infested surfaces until moist.

For Bedding:

    Make sure spray is directed into corners of fitted sheets and blankets as well as inside and outside of pillow cases. In the case of garments and headgear, close attention should be given to seams, hems, cuffs, collars, and creases. After treatment, bedding and all garments must be either laundered in hot water or dry cleaned as required. For mattresses, furniture and carpeting: Direct spray into all folds, tucks, seams and crevices of infested areas until moist.


    Spray mattresses, particularly around tufts and seams. Take beds apart and spray into all joints. Treat baseboards, moldings and frames.

Additional Notes:


  1. Hold container upright with nozzle away from you.
  2. Press valve down and spray as directed.
  3. To avoid possible staining of fabrics or surfaces, do not spray at close range.


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