Keystone Express Fryer Cleaner

The simpler, safer and faster way to clean your fryers with no boil-out. Spray it on and scrub away tough, cooked-on carbon and grease, getting the deep fryer sparkling clean in as little as 20 minutes.

  • SUPC Number: 5201199
  • Ecolab PIC: 6101923
  • GTIN Number: 10025469044454
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Simplified procedure increases food quality

Formulated to penetrate tough soils, reducing scrubbing time

No personal protective equipment required, making it safe for staff

No boil-out needed

Easy to train, easy to use – anyone can learn and complete the cleaning process


Fryer Cleaning

Effective Against/On:

Deep Fryers

How To Use
  1. Allow fryer to cool to 130º F
  2. Drain the oil. Flush out sediment by pouring used oil into the fryer with the valve wide open
  3. Spray Keystone Express Fryer Cleaner into the fryer, covering soiled areas completely
  4. Let it penetrate the cooked-on soil for 1-5 minutes, reapply as needed
  5. Scrub off the soil in and around the fryer using the Ecolab Fryer Cleaner Tools. Re-wet as needed
  6. Rinse with water
  7. Dry with a clean, lint-free cloth
  8. Refill with oil

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